Environmental Pollution Essay in English For Class 10

‏‏In this article, I am writing an article for you based on an environmental pollution essay in English for class 10, because it’s very important to know how our negligence is threatening the environment. Below I am writing this essay.

Environmental Pollution Essay In English For Class 10:

Many types of essays come in Examas of Class 10. One of them is on Environment Polishing. In this article, you will get to see these English for class 10th. In this article you will find all the 1500 Words Environmental Polishing Essay and you prepare it and write it in the exam, you can get a good number.

What surrounds us is our ecosystem.  Awareness of this ecosystem is a significant need today.as it is being polluted.  The ecosystem pollution was unknown to ancient and medieval India.  It has arisen as a result of industrial progress in the present era and the manufacture of weapons.

Today it has taken such a formidable form that it has created a crisis of destruction of humanity. Human life is mainly dependent on clean air and water, but if both these things get contaminated, it is natural to fear human beings. 

it is in the interest of humanity to consider the causes of this terrible problem and the remedies for their solution.  Expressing his views on noise pollution, Nobel laureate Robert Koch had said, “There will come a day when man will have to fight with merciless noise as the biggest enemy of health.”

What is pollution?

Looks like a sad day has come now. Pollution means that life is possible in a clean environment. The environment has been created by nature. The environment provided by nature is compatible with the living organisms. When any elements in this environment. The absence of it starts changing in such a way, which is likely to hurt the life of the animals, then it is said that the environment is getting polluted. This polluted environment would be harmful to animals in many ways. The extraordinary growth of the population and industrial progress has caused pollution.  Has given rise to a problem, and today it has taken such a form of the havoc that the crisis of destruction of this humanity has arisen. Garbage piles are polluting industrial and chemical waste – earth, air, and water.


Types of Environment Pollution Essay in English

Pollution in today’s environment falls in the following ways: 

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Radioactive pollution
  • Chemical pollution

1. Air Impurity:


Air pollution is an essential source of air life. Every living being needs pure air to live healthy because it needs to have a proper proportion in the atmosphere. Oxygen is absorbed, and carbon dioxide is released.  Trees take carbon dioxide and provide oxygen for us.

Due to this, purity is maintained in the atmosphere, due to ignorance and selfish tendencies, there is excessive erosion of trees.  The thickly forested mountains look bare today.  The balance of this oxygen has deteriorated, and many harmful gases have polluted the air.  Apart from this, there are many toxic gases in the atmosphere from the smoke of coal, oil, metal, and fireplaces of factories, which is very dangerous for the ancient buildings, textiles, minerals, and lungs of humans.  In the country’s capital, the smoke emanating from vehicles and industrial plants starts burning in the eyes, as well as the lungs are covered with a dangerous fine layer of soot.  


2. Water Impurity

water pollution As an indispensable source of life, after air, the first requirement is water.  Water is called life.  Purification of water is essential for vocal life.  Our Sadanira rivers are the source of water of major cities of the country, yet we see that the dirty sewers and sewers of big cities are connected to waterways.  The pollution in rivers and other water sources from various industrial and domestic sources is growing day by day.  Bathing animals in ponds, ponds, and rivers, the dead bodies of humans and animals flowing in the water, etc. have increased the pollution in water.  In Kanpur, Agra, Mumbai, Aligarh, and how many cities, the waste of factories reaches the ocean polluting the holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna.

Radioactive wastes and metallic substances also contribute to contaminating water sources near industrial cities.  Water pollution also increases due to the mixing of plastic bags, oily material, and pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in agricultural work.  

3. Noise impurity:

Noise pollution is a new problem today.  Scientific progress has been made by it.  Motorcars, tractors, jet aircraft, factory sirens, machines, loudspeakers, etc. produce noise pollution by disturbing the sound balance.  Hearing-power declines with a loud sound, and the ability to work, have an adverse effect.  Many types of diseases arise due to this.  Excessive noise – can range from pollution to mental disorder.

Radioactive Impurity:

In today’s era, radioactive pollution is the focus of scientific tests.  Nuclear tests continue to happen.  Due to their explosion, radioactive materials spread in the atmosphere and bring life to them in many ways.  The atomic bombs crippled millions of people dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the time of the Second World War, and generations still have not been able to save themselves from its harmful effects. 

Chemical Impurity:

Chemical pollution Flowing from factories, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers used in increasing yield and residual liquids also adversely affects health.  These materials would flow with water and reach rivers, ponds, and finally, the sea.  And they harm life in many ways.  Pollution problem and its losses – continuously increasing human population, growing deserts, erosion of land, shrinking of the ozone layer, increase in temperature of the earth, destruction of forests, and industrialization have created pollution problems in front of the world.  Human life has become problematic due to the smoke of factories, the flow of toxic waste, and the leakage of poisonous gases.  Today, based on technical knowledge, we are competing to overtake each other in the race of human development.  In this race, he misuses technical expertise, which can become a car of destruction for the entire human race.  In war, missiles and weapons based on modern techniques have caused immense loss of public money. Its impact has a fatal effect on the environment, resulting in health degradation, tremendous damage to production, and environmental degradation and hindered the development process.  The serious adverse impact of air pollution is on the health of humans and other animals.  Headache, sore eyes, cough, asthma, heart disease, etc. In some form or other, there are air-pollution related cities, mainly due to the consumption of polluted water, digestive system diseases arise.  According to the World Health Organization(WHO), millions of children die every year from diseases caused by drinking contaminated water.  Noise pollution also has severe and fatal effects. Physical and mental stress increases due to noise pollution (noise), respiratory-speed and pulse-speed fluctuations decreased mobility of the gastrointestinal tract, and changes in the properties of blood circulation and cardiac muscle. And a person suffering from many diseases due to pollution becomes premature death.

How can we prevent environmental pollution essay ?

The solution to the problem Great learned and policymakers have paid serious attention to this problem.  Today every country in the world is alert towards this.  The plantation is the best means to protect the environment from pollution.  Instead of making axes of trees and forests, they should see them flourish, and beautiful animals and birds should protect them instead of preparing food.  Also fearful of the future, being terrorized so that farms and forests are not reduced for their housing. 


To survive the factory, everyone has to limit the unlimited growing population of the country. The permission to install machines should be given to those who can make proper arrangements to remove the industrial waste and smoke from the machines.  The United Nations should take steps toward controlling nuclear tests.  Technical knowledge should be used to emphasize reclaiming the eaten environment.  To avoid air pollution, measures should be taken to eliminate all types of dirt and waste.  To control water pollution, such arrangements should be made in industrial institutions that waste materials and water should be treated and taken out. They should be prevented from coming from water sources.  In England, the dirty of London used to fall into the river Thames and contaminate the water.  Now the government there has built a massive factory near the River Thames, in which all the dirty and dirty machines of London are cleaned and made into good manure, and the clean water is released into the River Thames.  Effective measures should also be taken to control noise pollution.  The use of loudspeakers etc. should be controlled publicly.

What is the solution for environmental pollution?

A new consciousness has arisen in the whole world to prevent pollution in the environment and its proper conservation.  It is the responsibility of all of us to be aware of the dangers of this polluted environment growing everywhere and to make the whole environment clean and beautiful with full intentions.

Govermental take actions to control environment pollution

The program of tree plantation is being carried out vigorously at the government level and uncontrolled forests.  Stringent rules have also been made to prevent harvesting.  Efforts are also being made to create new forest areas and encourage the general public to plant trees.  Here the court has ordered to take out the polluting industries out of the metros. It has been made mandatory to obtain approval from environmental experts by making proper arrangements for disposal of industrial waste before giving license to new industries.  If the people also provide active support in these programs in their way and take a pledge that at least one tree will be planted on every auspicious occasion in life, we will surely be able to avoid the ill effects of pollution also the future generations.  Will be able to protect it from its shadow.


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