Is Am Are Answer sheet

My motive for uploading is am are answer sheet is that you look at your mistakes and correct them.
I hope all your answers are correct. If you have made some mistakes, please find out and correct them, because until you do not correct your mistakes, you cannot learn anything properly.

Is am are answer sheet

I hope you all liked the previous worksheet that was the use of is am are After that worksheet, I was also preparing is am are answer sheet for all of you which I am now uploading. Hope you all like this worksheet as much.


1. I am happy. 11. She is thin.
2. They are hungry. 12. Ram is intelligent.
3. I am healthy. 13. He is fat.
4. You are wise. 14. I am clever.
5. Shyam is sad. 15. You are brave.
6. The child is a leader. 16. We are rich.
7. You are laborious. 17. Lallan is strong.
8. You are honest. 18. It is hard/tough.
9. The children are innocent. 19. He is a teacher.
10. We are kind. 20. He is a fool.

Part – 2

1. I am a farmer. 11. You are a servant.
2. He is an artist. 12. He is an engineer.
3. Ravi is a leader. 13. Reeta is a doctor.
4. They are dancers. 14. My friends are handsome.
5. You are officers. 15. She is a nurse.
6. She is singer. 16. Shyam is a postmaster.
7. He is a teacher. 17. They are wise.
8. The boy is a student. 18. Ramu and Gopi are teachers.
9. The teachers are writers. 19. Shyam and Mohan are poets.
10. His father is ill. 20. We are Young.

  Part – 3

1. He is mad. 11. Seeta / Sita is beautiful.
2. The boy is good. 12. He is wicked.
3. Ram is kind. 13. The boys are clever.
4. Mohan is timid. 14. They are healthy.
5. My brother is ill. 15. They are cruel.
6. Geeta is weak. 16. You and I are happy.
7. Ram and I are happy. 17. You are intelligent.
8. He is brave and intelligent. 18. Ram and Shyam are leaders.
9. Your brother is naughty. 19. You and Geeta are rich.
10. You are strong and laborious. 20.  Indian farmers are helpless.

 Part 4

1. They are cruel. 11. You are thieves.
2. They are uneducated. 12. You are an officer.
3. You are farmers. 13. We are engineers.
4. My father is a doctor. 14. You are strong.
5. Seeta / Sita is beautiful. 15. Your father is teacher.
6. She is a beautiful dancer. 16. I am a good actor.
7. You and I are singers. 17. We are young leaders.
8. He is a great poet. 18. Shyam is a very good boy.
9. Ram and Shyam are writers. 19. Geeta and Reeta are fools.
10. Your brother is a driver. 20. Mohan’s father is wise.



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