Wonder of Science Essay For Class 6 to 12

Hello friends, In today’s article we will know how to write the Wonder of Science essay. Wonder of science is known by different titles. Let us also go by the name of some different titles i.e. The wonder of science essay, Is Science boon on curse? You will also know how to write wonder of science essay in english with heading in this article?

In this article, you will learn about the following headings.

  • Introduction
  • In the field of transport
  • In the field of communication
  • the invention of electricity
  • In the field of health and medicine
  • In the field of Heavy machine
  • In the field of technology
  • In the field of seed and pestisides
  • In the field of medicine
  • In the field of entertainment
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Short paragraph on Wonder of Science Essay for Class1 to 5

Science is contributing a lot in today’s era. Today, in this human life, no human can even imagine his life without science. The comforts that we are enjoying and enjoying today, it seemed impossible to all of us a few years back. But today all this is possible. Today we get a lot of work done on few taps. Science has progressed so fast in every field. Which man cannot even imagine.

Wonder of Science essay with heading

Now we will learn to write Wonder of Science essay with headings. So let’s know how to write this essay with heading.


Today’s era is the age of scientific miracles.  Today science has brought amazing revolution in every field of human life.  Today all the activities of human society are driven by science.  By conquering the formidable nature, today science has become the fortune teller of human beings. 

In search of unknown mysteries, he has measured from the heights of the sky to the depths of Hades.  It has affected our life so much from all sides that no one can even imagine a science-zero world, but on the other hand we also see that uncontrolled scientific progress has put a question mark on the existence of human beings. 

In this situation we have to think whether science should be considered as a boon or a curse.  Therefore, it would be appropriate to reach a conclusion only after considering these two aspects in an integrated manner.  Science: As a boon – The whole environment of modern man is illuminated by the light of the gifts of science.  From waking up in the morning to sleeping at night, all the activities are conducted with the help of the means provided by science. 

From light, fan, water, soap, gas stove, fridge, cooler, heater and even mirror, comb to rickshaw, cycle, scooter, bus, car, rail, airplane, TV, cinema, radio etc.  We also use the tools in our daily life, they are all a boon of science.  That is why it is said that he has conquered nature through science.  The utility of these various boons of science is as follows in some major areas:

In the field of transport

In the field of transport, in ancient times, it used to take years for man to travel a long journey, but today with the invention of rail, motor, ship, aircraft etc.  – Very quick to reach far away places.  The advancement of traffic and transportation has been a metamorphosis. 

Man is not only the earth, but also the moon and Even distant planets like Mars have been reached.  These tools have also proved to be very useful for helping the people suffering from natural calamities like famine, flood, drought etc.  Because of these, today the whole world has become a market. 

In the field of communication

In the field of communication, the wireless wire has brought a revolution in the field of communication.  With the help of All India Radio, Doordarshan, Telephone, Telephone (Telephone, Mobile Phone), Teleprinter (Teleprinter, Fax) etc., any news can be transmitted from one end of the world to the other in a moment.  Artificial satellites have done more miracles in this direction. 

The Invention of electricity

The invention of electricity in daily life has greatly increased the day-to-day amenities of man.  She washes our clothes, presses on them, cooks food, provides hot water in winter and cold water in summer, protects us from both heat and cold equally.  Today’s all industrial progress depends on it. 

In the field of health and medicine:

In the field of health and medicine, the credit of saving human beings from terrible and infectious diseases to an adequate extent is to the credit of science.  The treatment of cancer, tuberculosis (TB), heart disease and many complex diseases has been made possible only by science. 

Diseases inside the body can be easily detected through tests like X-ray and ultrasound test, angiography, CAT or CT scan etc.  Invented vaccines for serious diseases have made it possible to prevent these diseases.  Many types of diseases are being relieved by means of plastic surgery, operation, transplantation of artificial organs etc.  Not only this, it has become possible to give eyes to the blind, ears to the hearing impaired and organs to the blind. 

New machine for farming

The manufacture of heavy machines in the industrial sector has given birth to large factories, which has made possible abundant production along with saving labor, time and money.  Due to this, essential commodities have been made available to the vast masses at cheap prices.  

In agriculture field

If our country, with a population of more than 121 crores in the field of agriculture, has been able to move towards self-reliance in the field of agriculture, then it is also a gift of science.  Science has provided best seeds, mature and developed technology, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, tractors, tube wells and electricity to the farmer.  Building canals by building small and big dams has also become possible only through science.

Invention of agriculture

The invention of printing machines in the field of education has made it possible to publish a large number of books, due to which books have been available at cheap prices.  Apart from this, newspapers, magazines etc. are also increasing the knowledge of the people by reaching door to door as a result of the revolution in the printing sector. 

With the help of All India Radio- Doordarshan etc., there has been a great help in the spread of education.  The development of computer has brought a revolution in this field. 

In the field of entertainment

In the field of entertainment, the invention of movies, AIR, Doordarshan etc. has made entertainment cheap and accessible. Tape recorder, V 0 C R 0, V 0 C D 0 etc. have revolutionized this direction and human beings  Has been provided entertainment of the highest quality.  In short it can be said that there is no other boon for human life than science.

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Other aspect of wonder of science

There is also another side of science in the form of curse.  Science is a neutral instrument providing infinite power.  Humans can use it however they want.  Everyone knows that human beings have divine tendencies as well as demonic tendencies.  Normally, when the divine nature of man prevails, he works for the welfare of mankind, but at any time as soon as the demonic nature of man prevails, the welfare science can suddenly assume the form of the strongest destructive and destructive power. 

An example of this is the unfortunate moment of the last world war, when the atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  It is clear that science can also prove to be the worst curse for mankind.  Humans have made great progress in the field of science since the last world war;  Therefore, it can be said that today the destructive power of science has increased a lot than before. 

Apart from destructive means, science has also harmed human beings in many other ways.  Scientific approach is factual.  As a result of the development of this approach, the tender feelings and unwavering beliefs of the human heart have been hurt.  Science has given impetus to materialistic tendencies, as a result of which the beliefs related to religion and spirituality have started seeming to be lackluster. 

The interpersonal relations of human life have also started weakening.  Now man develops social relations only on the basis of material gain.  Where on the one hand science has provided many types of amenities to human life, on the other hand, due to science, human life has become full of dangers and unsafe.  If computers and other machines have provided the means of convenience to humans, then at the same time they have also taken away employment opportunities. 

Electricity is a great gift given by science, but only a slight shock of electricity can end a person’s illness.  Science has given human beings various types of high speed vehicles.  Every day thousands of people lose their lives on the road due to the mutual collision of these vehicles.  Due to the new inventions that are happening day by day in science, the human environment is also trapped in the vicious cycle of imbalance. 

Due to more amenities, man is becoming lazy and restless, due to which his physical strength is decreasing and many new diseases are also arising.  The ability of humans to tolerate cold and heat has decreased.  Roads are getting completely disturbed by the increasing number of vehicles, so the noise pollutants emitted from them are distributing nervous diseases to human beings. 

Road accidents have become a part of daily routine.  Advertisements have crushed natural beauty.  The artificial pompous life all around is the product of this science. Industrial progress has created a serious problem of environmental pollution.  Along with this, many people have lost their lives due to the leakage of gases.


Science is really a sword with which a person can do self-defense and can also cut off his limbs in clumsiness.  The fault lies not with the sword, but with its user.  Science has opened the way of unlimited development in front of human beings, through which human beings can take the world towards unprecedented happiness and prosperity by destroying unemployment, hunger, epidemics etc.

The use of atomic energy in welfare works can open the door to unlimited possibilities.  Transforming large deserts into waving fields, providing India with employment opportunities to people living in remote areas by making roads on inhospitable mountains, construction of huge dams and power generation etc. It can be used in innumerable tasks, but it is possible only then.  It is, when spiritual vision is developed in man, the sattvik feeling of human welfare arises.  Therefore, it is for the man himself to decide whether to let science be a boon or a curse.

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